My Spyera Review

Spyera offers monitoring services for computers, tablets, and mobile phones. I believe from what I can tell Spyera has focused quite strongly on their phonespy software. I have though on this site provided information on all 3 products. Below you will find a quick view on what I discovered on the site and through reading other reviews too online.

Cell Spy Software

The mobile cell spyware software features include quite a number of features that include the interception of calls, bugging of calls with their ‘spy call’ feature, GPS location tracking (which is a favorite to many), and even remote control access…just to name of few of the mobile features offered.



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Spyera on the Computer and Tablet

In going over the other reviews on the Internet they all were pretty much for the Spyera Mobile Spyware. I can tell you that the main features that you want on both for the computer PC or tablet are provided by Spyera are available, such as GPS location. Again, if you are interested in the features for the computer or tablet you can read the posts that I have added.

In regards to Spyeras’ use on the computer and tablet I have not used them myself and I have not found many that have provided reviews. If you happen to have experience with these I would appreciate any feedback from people. Otherwise, I will say that they are probably worth trying out given that if the Spyera phone spyware is quite good I would imagine it should have carried over to these products.

What People Are Saying

For quite a few of the spyera reviews that I read they agreed that this was one of the best Spyphone software solution that is available. Now I did see one customer that was not happy with something with their phone, however, they did receive a response from the owner of the company rather quickly to address the issue which I think is quite good. There are unfortunately some companies out there with no support and really you get no response.

So, I believe Spyera is on top of addressing issues that show up and also have built their business to support a wide number of phones, including use for the Iphone and Android. Find out more about the platforms and features supported by Spyera in my Cell Phone Monitoring Post. One of the potential downsides is that if you are using the Iphone/Ipad you will need to jailbreak it though that is not unusual for products to request this.

Overall Summary on Spyera

Hopefully, this has given you a better view of Spyera and what it can do. I would say this looks like one of the better products out there. Of course, like some companies they too have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product after 10 days time and do see to have good customer support. Other good points include upgrades being marginal in cost versus having the buy the new software versions and that they provide free updates. Also, good know is that they do provide a password protected account that you can login and access all of the logged information, emails, phone numbers, SMS, etc…and you can also download the report from the Spyera database when you wish.  The only main drawback that I found was from Iphone and Ipad users who would need to jailbreak the device.  However, as I indicated before that is a prerequisite for other vendors too.


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